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Custom Domains migration between different system versions

Question asked by KarolKonofal82343391 on Sep 24, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2018 by Suman Pramanik

Hey CA Community,

Our company is currently using CA PPM on 15.4.1, version that we upgraded just recently from 15.1 and with the process we meet some issues that we would like to avoid in the future.

We experience more and more issues with the standard domains we have in the system. Till now we always adjusted them to our needs combining new tables, joins or fields under display to suit our needs. Knowing that it is both time and resource consuming since whenever system is updated we have to go through customization process right over again having all the standard domains restored to defaults settings we opted to stay with it as we saw custom domains as even more consuming solution that at the end does not guaranty better experience that adjusting standard domains.

More and more often we are advised by CA Support to move to Custom Domain as safer and better option for those needed customization in Advanced Reporting. 

The advantage of changing standard domains is that whenever the standard setup is changed with newer version, even after customization those new features will also be included, something we aren't sure would happened with custom domains. Moreover, comparing to custom domains, standard domains needs only minor changes as most of the features needed are already included.

For now our way of restoring the domains to our wished state is to, once the system is upgraded, going through manual work of adding tables, joins, pre filters and display fields. We tried to export the domain structures before the update so that it can be used after the process, but were afraid it will corrupt the domain as it surely has some new changes that were not included previously.

So the questions is, how do others work with Domains? Are most of you create your very own custom domains and whenever system is updated you try somehow to track newly added features to standard domains and include them to your custom domains?

Or like we, work on standard domains adjusting them to your needs, and whenever update is done, going through the process right over again?

Both ways sounds, complicated and time consuming to us. Probably the best option would be to have the possibility to export the domains before the update and import them back after, but how can we assure ourselves then that all that is new will be included as well?

Below is the article on how to migrate domains between different environment stating that "The database structure of the tables in your custom domain need to match between these environments or else you will get errors loading the domain into your new environment." meaning that if we would like to use export feature, it is not wise to do it with the re-creation of domains in post-update system.

How to migrate custom domains via Advance Reportin - CA Knowledge