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Why do my Portfolio's keep de-synchronizing?

Question asked by Camnott on Oct 17, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2018 by Camnott

The portfolios in use sync fine, but for some reason, every day they revert, and show nothing in the investments tab. Contents Editor shows all of the investments properly, yet every day, sure enough - Investments go blank.


I have tried a few things to fix this, i.e.

  • Scheduled a job for each individual Portfolio, to sync at midnight. 
  • Added a Sync Schedule to each portfolio to occur overnight every day.
  • Research online to see if any jobs would prevent sync.


Basically - none of that worked. Apparently no one has had this issue, or at least, not asked in a place that I could find.


We currently run CA PPM 14.2. This occurs with every portfolio, of which we have 22... This causes a lot of overhead, as we literally have to run the manual sync every day. Any thoughts?