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To know more about collaboration Tab usages

Question asked by karthick-aravind.raja-jawahar on Oct 20, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2018 by karthick-aravind.raja-jawahar

Hi All,


I have few clarifications in Collaboration Tab.

1) Does it link to project object? If yes, i couldn't find the fields which are related to Collaboration.

Is it a subpage or portlet? Screenshot for your reference though it's displaying when i click on "Add documents" in the action field.


2) If i need to set the "Status" field as mandatory, where should i need to set, do you have any steps for this?



3) what are the ways to send notifications through the auto-triggered processes whenever a documents is uploaded or status is changed to Approved/Submitted or Rejected and how to send that document to owner or team member ?


4) Also please share any other new ideas if you have which are all related to collaboration.


Thanks in advance and your support.