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UIM / Pagerduty integration (using REST API v2)

Question asked by NickHD on Nov 5, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2018 by DavidM

I have recently upgraded our REST API from V1 to V2, under the illusion that updating the keys and probe would require nothing more than restarting the probe on completion to pick up all of our existing config, however under our specific use-case it doesnt appear to be the case and I could do with some help potentially reconfiguring.


the day-to-day configuration works fine, so we get an alarm within UMP / UIM it generates an email and ultimately raises said alarm with PagerDuty for our out-of-hours OnCall engineers, myself included. However we had configured the pagerdutygw 1.018 probe so that if our exchange servers went down, the gateway probe was capable of passing the ticket direct to PagerDuty so that we still got pages even if Exchange was to go down. Having replaced the 1.018 probe with 1.020 (v2) this functionality is no longer, so I can only presume it has overwritten some configuration somewhere and broken this workflow.


The PagerDuty configuration hasnt changed so I know the integration on that side is fine, and I can see a certain amount of config is still in place when I go into Raw Configure for the pagerdutygw probe, however I simply don't know it well enough to rebuild the config for this process, so I was hoping somebody else may have done exactly what we have and can help me repair the functionality. Unfortunately the guy who originally built it here is no longer with the company.


Any help much appreciated!


** I have raised a support case with CA and PagerDuty support before any suggests the obvious **