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Can I configure a Hub with other Hub?

Question asked by Miller2012 on Dec 5, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2018 by Garin

Hi everyone.


I hope that anyone can help me with this doubt.


I have this structure---->



                                                 proxy-hub (server certificate)

                                                 |                                             |

               client-huba (client certificate)                               clienthubb (hub of server's x) (client certificate)


                                                                                                 clienthubb-other (hub of server's y)


uim-server: core of cauim. is a client certificate (tunnel ssl)

proxy-hub: server of scalability. Is a server certificate (tunnel ssl)

client-huba: Is a tenant. is a client certificate (tunnel ssl)

clienthubb: Is a tenant. is a client certificate (tunnel ssl) that connect with proxy-hub, and is a server certificate (tunnel ssl) to connect the hub clienthubb-other.

clienthubb-othe: is a hub addicionality that belongs to tenant clienthubb, this hub aggroup other server because this server are in other dmz.



I configure a tunnel ssl through clienthubb and clienthubb-other but I can't see the hub on IM. Need I other configuration? or isn't possible this and i have that configure the clienthubb-other to the proxy-hub (like other tenant)