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Login Page Error Messages - Single Sign On - 12.7 + WAS integration

Question asked by igor.bellezi on Dec 20, 2018

Does anyone know how it's possible to threat the login errors from an user that is trying to authenticate in an application that is being protected by Single Sign On 12.7?

According to the SMAUTHREASON we can inform the user status, however if we try to access with an non-existing user or with the wrong password from an existing user, the SMAUTHREASON is always 0 (zero), so I am not able to differ if we have user -ok pass - nok OR user - nok pass - no ok or if user is ok and autheticated, case, the SMAUTHREASON is always 0 (zero).


Another information, we are using WAS Agent to do this integration, so we have:

IHS server (Web Agent installed) + WAS 9.0.1 (WAS Agent installed). 


We are using a page developed using the login.fcc as reference, but this page will be hosted in an  IHS server.


Thanks for your support!


Igor Bellezi