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Software Delivery Engine optimization

Question asked by rlikar on Jan 21, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2019 by Brian_Fontana

Hey guys,


we are having huge delays on software delivery engine. I have narrowed down this to the nature of Intellirollup patches. When they are being staged or deployed, there is a huge overhead in the System Delivery Engine.


The thing is, Intellirollup patches include more than 200 or 300 packages each. This is then being staged to more than 100 servers and creates a big job, which slows down Software Delivery Engine big time. Practically the whole infrastructure slows down, DTS transfers are halted and Software delivery gets very,very slow...


Is there any way to assign more memory or CPU to the engine itself? Are there any workarounds?

Using Intellirollups should simplify the process, but instead it resulted as a big drawback for us.


Any suggestions?


Version r14 SP2