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Performance Data of Detector and Subsystem Analyzer - Evaluation of the data over months / years

Question asked by lupus on Feb 11, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2019 by Steen_Rasmussen

Our company does use the above tools for a long time. These days most of our applications use dynamic SQL and so the data inside of DETECTOR and SUBSYSTEM Analyzer is growing fast. We are extracting that data with CA standard processes out of the internal structures into db2 tables. In the db2 tables we hold that data for a period of one month. Today we only have some sql queries do filter valueable informations out of that db2 tables.

Our first questions are:


- what are other customers (with a very intensive usage of dynamic SQL) doing with that data

- do you use any further CA tools to get trends / informations out of that data

- do you use other tools / methods to aggregate that data in some way to get informations out of that data


I would be very interested to get your feedback!


kind regards


Norbert Wolf