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Unable to update/reflect changes of Default Value (Large String, Read Only) to End-User

Question asked by mattguercio on Feb 19, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2019 by mattguercio

Hello - 


I've created three Large String custom attributes (Project), each with a default value and read-only assigned.  When making changes to the default value of each and saving, the changes do not reflect to the end-user in New UX.


For example, I have "Attribute A" (large string, project obj), and set the default value to "123" (save and return).   I then update the default value to "abc" and save/return.  Next, when viewing Attribute A in the New UX, the original default value is shown instead of the updated one ("123").


Does anyone know how to update the default value of a large string, read only attribute to reflect changes on future/new projects?