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Multiple Route calls and response handling

Question asked by PhBrand on Mar 18, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2019 by Mark_HE


Don't know if I should open a case @support or if this is an intended behaviour but we experience a problem with one API that does:

- Request an authentication token from an external partner (from an included policy fragment)

- Use this token to call an API on this external partner.


1st request (line 7.10) returns a token within a HTTP header "X-Authorization-token" filled in, and an empty message body.

2nd request (line 14): If we try to actually call the API, we always get an empty body although remote server does send a body response to our call.


Now if, on the first "Route via HTTP" we choose a user provided message variable (let's say "resp") instead of "Default response", 2nd "Route via HTTP" works "correctly", with a non-empty body.