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Addtional attributes extract from spectrum & import in CMDB

Question asked by La-Qa on Mar 26, 2019
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Hi Team


We exported xml file from spectrum and import all the CI's into CMDB. But i can see alot of information is not showing in attributes tab against each CI...See the sanpshot below . Most of the information can be seen on SPectrum and i want complete information of CI's in CMDB what we have in Spectrum. 


Above link i found to add addtional attributes but i have have few concern to add the code for addtional data pulling from spectrum. The KB article states that we need to add below tags for each addtional attribute.


For example, if we pull location below tags should be added








& for contact, below tag should be added.






My concern is how can i specify code in SPECTRUMAttribute tag??? Like for each CI , i need additional attribute like Memory Installed, memory Capacity, Disk Capacity ,Processor Speed etc. so what code i need to specify for <SPECTRUMAttribute> tag???


Please help..