Can we delete Ideas after negating hours charged?

Discussion created by prad.guhathakurta on May 18, 2010
Hello everyone, hope someone can help with this, we have a handful of Ideas that we need deleted. These ideas have hours
charged to them and in order to ensure that there are no actuals we did the

1. Went to the timesheets for the resources that charged these ideas
2. Created adjustment timesheets and zeroed out the hrs.
3. Posted the timesheets
4. Went back to the Idea > Team tab and ensured that Total Actuals show zero
5. Marked the idea for deletion
6. Ran the delete investments job.

However , these ideas dont delete and we still get the "IE0000xx (5004123)
cannot be deleted because it has associated Time Entries." error.

Is this a workable approach to deleting ideas? We would really like the ideas deleted and any suggestions would go a long way.
Thanks in advance...
We are on 8.1.4.