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Dynamic URL?

Question asked by robCSC on May 19, 2010
Latest reply on May 26, 2010 by SankhadeepDhar
Does anyone know of any way to create a dynmaic URL field? Basically, I want to create a URL field in which the default value includes the internal ID of the project so that it can hyperlink to a portlet page that requires that ID.

Basically I want to create a URL that looks like this: /niku/app?action=cts_stakeholders&id=[INTERNAL_PROJECT_ID]

where [INTERNAL_PROJECT_ID] gets replaced with the actual ID of the project.

Obviously I can't use NSQL syntax like data/id/@value@ in this case. I thought maybe I could use a gel parameter, but it seems that the URL field just interprets the text as text no matter what it is in there.

There is a specific need to do it this way (as a URL) if possible as opposed to say, putting the portlet on the Dashboard tab.

Rob Rubin