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Roles are removed when opened in MSP (master projects)

Question asked by sundar on Aug 9, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2011 by Michael_APS

Our PM's complained that the requisitions which they have raised are lost (Not able to view in requisitions page) and we find the root cause is the roles are removed when they try to open and schedule via MSP.
we then asked them to add the role and we updated the Team id in requisitions and they are able to view the requisitions.

The key issue (product behaviour) is the removal of roles / resources are removed in MSP when it is saved back to clarity.

we are using Master / sub projects .when PM's open master / sub projects the the team members that is the resources/roles without task assignment are lost when saving back to Clarity then it will be Hard booked / replaced by named resource.After that only the assignment to task will be done.

we have raised this with CA support and they came back that it is the product behavior.

How other customers are handling this.Are you assigning an dummy task to roles to overcome this or what?.
Pls suggest / share your experience.

CLRT-60049 Resources/Roles lost on roundtrip to MSP save without changes

Round-trip masterproject/subproject with team members where only some of the team members are assigned to tasks, loses the resources/roles without task assignment when saving back to Clarity. Only occurs on masterproject/ subproject, not on single project without subprojects.

Development confirmed that this is working as designed behaviour. Here follows their explanation

"In MSP, when you have a resource pool, ALL resources in the pool appear to be allocated to ALL the projects linked to the pool. This means that when the master project is saved back to Clarity, it and all of its subprojects (and subs of subs) will appear to have all of the resources in the pool allocated to them. This adds unwanted team members to the projects when viewed from within Clarity.
Our customers absolutely did NOT want this behavior and the decision was made years ago to only allow team members in Clarity if the resource was actually assigned to a task on the project.
The only other way around this is to eliminate the use of resource pools in MSP. This will likely create a whole list of undesirable behavior and still may not fix the issue if MSP considers resources allocated to a master project also allocated to any subs of that master."