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Resource OBS/ Managing daily changes

Question asked by brendanj1 on Aug 11, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2011 by Chris_Hackett
We have an ongoing problem with maintaining our xx Resource OBS. Every day we receive an import from our HR system of new starters, this import will provide the full resource OBS which can be seen in an individuals Rsce properties. This is ok. Also every day the same import will 'advise' us where someone has changes manager or team, thereby affecting their existing rsce OBS. To support all this information we receive two reports from our datawarehouse showing where no OBS is set in Clarity and where a changed OBS does not match the users record. This all represents an administrative nightmare as I then need to go into Admin/ OBS/ xx Resource OBS and either move people around or add them - this takes time and any errors are soon seen in timesheet approavals, etc. My question is how can I automate 'shifting' this information around. I know datamart extraction could help (seen in another thread) but this would need to be a daily task.

I have limited access to creating SP, triggers, etc as we have just migrated to On Demand, and I don't quite have the free reign here as I have had in the past. Any help would be v. much appreciate. Brendan