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XOG-in a debit rule allocation instance

Question asked by shital1317870 on Aug 16, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2011 by shital1317870
Will below sql suffice to give me all the Debit Rule allocations for the project 5282529
select to_char(ssl.start_date,'yyyy-MM-dd')||'T'||to_char(ssl.start_date,'hh:mi:ss') ,

    to_char(ssl.finish_date,'yyyy-MM-dd')||'T'||to_char(ssl.finish_date,'hh:mi:ss')     ,


from    odf_ssl_gl_all_dtl_pct ssl, 

        prj_blb_slicerequests blb,

        cbk_gl_allocation_detail gld, 

        cbk_gl_allocation gl,

        inv_investments inv,

        DEPARTMENTS dpt,

        CBK_GL_ACCOUNT acc

where   ssl.SLICE_REQUEST_ID = 

and blb.request_name = 'glallocationdetail::percentage::segment'

and ssl.PRJ_OBJECT_ID = 

and gld.gl_allocation_id =


and gld.DEPARTMENT_ID=dpt.ID

and acc.ID=gld.GL_ACCOUNT_ID

and gl.INVESTMENT_ID = 5282529

Why I am asking this question is because when we XOG in a new allocation,say for any new period(month) that allocation is not returned by above query however we see the record on the GUI screen. Are we missing any table or is the join incorrect?