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PAC_IMP_ACTUALS_EXPORT being cleared of my transactions

Question asked by matpj on Aug 25, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2011 by sundar
Hi All,

I am trying to adjust the actuals displayed on the project after duplication happend (Migrated projects from 7.5.l3 with actuals, then migrated financial WIP records. The Import Financial Actuals job then brought the WIP records up to the project and has now doubled up the actuals)

The Import Financial Actuals job seems to initially read from the PAC_IMP_ACTUALS_EXPORT table where there is not a match for the assignment.

What I thought I could do, is write negative entries into the PAC_IMP_ACTUALS_EXPORT table for all of the imported actuals.
I would then amend the first query so that it returns the records.

I figured, the job would then run through and process these transactions.
It doesn't seem to be doing that, and then it seems to occassionally remove the transactions I have written to that table..

does anyone know how that table works, and how I can write values up to the assignments of a project in order to manipulate the totals?

Thanks in advance,