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Architecting a Document Management Process

Question asked by Robert Ensinger on Aug 30, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2011 by Robert Ensinger
Hi all.
We're preparing to implement our first of which I hope will be many document management processes in Clarity. I need a simple, clean 'win' so everyone can get their head around the concept and the value. Good news is I can see many artifacts in Clarity that support document management processes. Bad news is I've never seen one in action let alone built one. Gotta start somewhere - can you help paint a picture for me and get me off on the right foot?

At a high level, this is an excel cost sheet that our deployment group uses to track device costs. This excel eventually needs to hit a 'released to billing' queue (action item to our billing manager) and then ultimately get marked 'complete'. For all active deployment projects, we're going to want to see which are yet to have their cost sheet complete, which are complete and awaiting billing, submitted to billing and billed.

Problem statement: Our current outside of Clarity process has management, execution and visibility holes that result in missed billing.
Proposed solution: Bring process into Clarity and, utilizing the tools in the Clarity toolkit, plug these management, execution and visibility holes.

1) a single 'home' for the source document with version control and history.
2) the ability to copy the source document onto a project.
3) the ability to run a workflow on the document to march it through completion and delivery.
4) the ability to provide transparency into the current status on all documents in this process across projects.

Artifacts I've found:
- sample document approval processes.
- document xogs.
- the Project Deliverable Review portlet from the PPM Essentials add-in.

Here's what I assume:
1) Source 'template' document will be kept in the Knowledge Store (or on a template project?).
2) At a point I haven't yet determined, the source doc will be xogged out of its home and xogged onto the destination project's documents manager (I didn't find a 'copy document' in the document process actions. Sure would be nice to have this in the process interface and not have to drop to GEL/XOG).
3) Once on the project, the process engine will march it through its 'gates'.

Let's cap this here

Is this the right approach to this problem? Are there alternatives to this problem to solve? Does anyone have recommendations or examples of success with something similar to this to share?

Thanks in advance for your help.