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OWB - Strange "stale" lookup

Question asked by Dave on Jun 18, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2010 by DevK
Quick question here, anyone got any good ideas why I am seeing the following;

I recently (a couple of weeks ago, so this is not a Clarity server cache problem) added a new value into a (custom) lookup that I have against the TASK object. The lookup had 7 values in it (for a number of years) and I have just added an 8th value.

When I open a plan in OWB, I see all 8 values in the lookup fine against a task in the plan.

When "most" other users open their plans, they see 8 values ok.

But "some" users are only seeing the 7 values - weird? :rolleyes:

If I open "their plan"in OWB I am fine - so I summise it must be something to do with their local setup - their local machine / OWB views / something else cached.


So, any ideas anyone? Anything to point me in a specific direction?

(I'm trying to solve this "remotely" so I don't have the ability to poke around on their local machine at the moment - maybe next week though. We've tried the obvious, "rebooting/turn it off turn it back on again" routes to no avail)