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Portfolios and Power Filters

Question asked by mausland on Sep 15, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2011 by mausland
Relatively new user so I maybe missing something.

I am trying to create a portfolio and use OBS in the power filter to select my projects...

When I do this selection in Project it works fine. I get one result back. (See image 1)

When I do this in the power filter in Portfolio I get nothing returned. (See image 2)

My expression is: ( obs("project",5000125,"Project & Resource OBS:Finance","EQUALS","selected_unit_and_below", ctx, project) )

CA support says "Regarding the use of Project/Resource OBS:
The OBS attribute is a special, system-restricted attribute.
Although the OBS attribute is shown as an available attribute for selection
in the Power Filter Expression Builder, the Clarity application does not
support this special type of attribute."

So if I'm reading this correctly I can't use the OBS to create portfolios. This doesn't sound right.

Does anyone have any suggestions?