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BO Reports not getting displayed on Windows 7 - IE8

Question asked by dhananjay.k on Sep 21, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2011 by Robert Ensinger
Dear All,
In our organization we are in process of upgrading all the users machine from XP to Windows 7 - IE8.
During the upgradation numer of users complained that they are not able to see the BO reports generated by Clarity.
The CMC shows that the report has successfully got generated, but when again we try to see the executed report, we get a message window stating
"AN error has occurred: The argument has an invalid value".
where as the same report output can be seen on Windows XP - IE 7machine in a proper manner.

My question is, has anyone faced the same issue as attached here by and also we have seen the the URL generated in both cases , one where report does get display and another where we have issue, and the url are 2 diffrent in both the cases.

Is there any compatibilty issue for Clarity with Windows 7 - 32/64 bit with IE 8.
we also tried IE 9 but that also didnt helped us.

we have raised ticket with CA and uit has been more then a week and no one from CA has replied us on the same.

please suggest your valuable inputs in resolving this issue,