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Capacity Planning Best Practices

Question asked by Rob-FCB on Sep 22, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2011 by Tammi
I am trying to get a feel for how other organizations handle loading future projects into Clarity for the purpose of capacity planning.

We recently made a change where all projects need to be planned out with roles first and then resource managers need to replace the roles with named resources. This is for projects that have known start dates and effort.

However, we want to start looking into the future as well to see where potential resource constraints may arise. Now, we have a hard enough time getting people to nail down dates on projects that are ready to kick off, so its going to be even more challening to put in some high level dates for these future projects.

What I am proposing to do is have the teams provide super high level estimates by role and then padding the total amount by 50% and dividing by 8 to come up with a rough high level duration and using that as the start/end dates for these future projects so that we can load them into Clarity and do more capacity planning by role.

I would like to see how other organizations deal with detailed capacity planning in Clarity.