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Forced Timesheet entry compliance

Question asked by brendanj1 on Sep 26, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2011 by boiuser
I have been asked to look into options to force/ persuade users within a certain business area to ensure they are 100% compliant every week on their timesheets. A senior director (sponsor of this iniative) would like to see something like "at first login to 'my pc' the first screen I see is my current timesheet and until I complete this for the last week/ yesterday I am unable to continue to any other application - email, internet, etc" Has anyone ever been asked to look into something like this? We have tried email notification (reminders) - not too successful, we tried 'name and shame' to managers of their non-compliant reportees - not that successful. I know enducation and demonstration of the benefits of this piece of admin leads to better use of the system and a win-win situation over time, but a solution to this initiative is needed within the next week or so. Any suggestions/ guidance on this would be appreciated.