Formal Staffing; Best practices for updating booked allocations?

Discussion created by MatthewPalicki on Sep 30, 2011
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So we've been doing our best to learn how Clarity is intended to work, but there are some Best Practices that are still escaping us.

We use "Formal Staffing". Each month, our Demand Managers enter demand for Roles, the IT PMO (me) ensures the team demand allocations are balanced, smoothing allocations if necessary, and then we generate Resource Requisitions. The Booking Managers book named Resources to fulfill the requisition, and the team members execute on the work. Everyone is happy.

But next month rolls around, and the Demand Managers need to update/add to the allocations for this work - either because the forecasts have changed, or the resource did not accomplish all the work in the previous month, or whatever. We are finding several different options for this scenario, all of which seem rather clunky and cumbersome, and are really struggling to understand Best Practices. We have considered:

1) The Demand Manager themselves update the allocations for the named Resource using Team>Detail. This of course changes the booking status from Hard to Mixed.
1a) No new Requisitions are created, and it is up to the Booking Manager to ensure that the Resource's workload remains balanced
1b) The IT PMO searches for all named Resources who are allocated with a booking status of Mixed, and creates new Requisitions to reflect the updated time. (This is what we have been doing mostly, but it is problematic as it seems to generate an excess of requisitions, often confusing the booking manager. And a status of Mixed can be obtained by other means, which makes this unreliable)

2) The Demand Manager can place additional allocations onto the Role rather than the named resource. This causes the booking status of the Role to become mixed, and a new Requisition has to be opened ("Replace time"?). Somehow the IT PMO needs to be notified to create this new requisition. Do we delete the original Requisition? Modify it and create a new allocation curve?

3) Something else? (Hopefully FAR simpler and more intuitive!)

We are a functional organization, so it is important that the Booking/Resource Managers be the ones booking named resources to fulfill the demand. We are actively discouraging the Demand Managers from allocating named resources rather than Roles.

How do others accomodate this type of scenario? Thanks in advance!