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Loading Actuals and the Actuals Thru Date

Question asked by Brian_Snyder on Oct 13, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2011 by Dave
We are converting a large number of projects from another system to Clarity using XOG to load the project definition, tasks, team, assignments, actuals to date and ETC. The problem we have noticed is that the Actuals Thru date seems to be set to the latest end date of the latest project that a resource is on. For example, if we have a project that is scheduled to end in May 1, 2012, that is the date that comes across as the Actuals Thru date. Since we are converting actuals to date, we naturally want the Actuals Thru date to be the current date, or possibly even a little in the past to allow room for adjustments if needed.

Has anyone else run into this problem when converting projects to Clarity? Thanks for your help!