WIP Adjustment - Reversed is not Working

Discussion created by TIDI on Oct 19, 2011
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I did some Voucher entry (Voucher Other) for a Labor resource.

Its got updated on Clarity task properties and Chargeback screen. After that i have reversed one transaction but it is not updated on Clarity task and chargeback screen.

Steps i do:-

1. After Creating Voucher and Posted successfully actual cost reflected as expected.
2. Create WIP Adjustment and reversed one transaction.
3. Approved the transaction.
4. Run Post to WIP
5. Run Job - Import financial Actuals

It is not updated as expected, I have checked the PPA_WIP table and its showing the Status = 2 (reversed) against that transaction.

Please give me your suggestiobn and i have raised the Case in CA Support also but still waiting for response.

I am on Clarity 12.0.6.

Thanks in Advance.