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Time Periods vs Time Slices (Work Weeks vs Weeks)

Question asked by Robert Ensinger on Jul 12, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2010 by Robert Ensinger
Hi all.
We recently had a good business requirement to change our Time Periods from Monday through Sunday to Saturday through Friday (and doing Friday COB submits).

I'm doing my post transition cleanup and I was getting ready to change our Weekly Time Slices to match the new work week when I thought "wait a second, why do I have to change these?" The Time Periods are our internal business - our time entry tool. The Weekly Time Slices are a reporting tool - there's no rule or technical reason (that I'm aware of) that says they have to match Clarity's Time Periods. In fact, in keeping Monday is the fist day of my weekly slices, I'm ISO-8601 compliant!.

What do others do? Do your Weekly Time Slices match your Time Periods? Or have you decoupled this? If coupled or decoupled, do you have a good driving business case why?