Research Info - Project Schedule Management

Discussion created by Michael on Jul 16, 2010
I am working on a paper on managing project schedules and have some interesting information. I would like to poll to user community to provide information so that I can leverage it in my paper. Naturally I'll post the paper here when completed. (With a focus on schedule management and MSP)


1) Prior to Clarity, did your project managers manage schedules only by updating %complete?
1a) After adopting Clarity?
2) Prior to adopting Clarity, did your project managers manually update scheduled tasks start and end dates if they started/ended earlier/later?
2a) After adopting Clarity?
3) Were your PM's using EVM prior to Clarity?
3b) Are they using EVM after adoption of Clarity?
4) Prior to Clarity, did your PM's manually update actuals in the MSP schedule?
4b) After adoption, are you using tiemsheets? and Microsoft Project?

5) What is the biggest complaint your organization has with Clarity and Microsoft Project?

Thank you in advance for answering the questions!