MSP - .mpp is locked for editing

Discussion created by picis on Jul 23, 2010
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Good afternoon -

I tried working with CA Support, but was told that it's an MSP issue that they don't support, so I'm hoping to get some guidance from the user community.

One of my users is consistently having issues opening a project plan from Clarity in to Microsoft Project. When in Clarity, the project is not locked. After selecting the GO button assocaited with opening the project, it begins the process, then she receives the .mpp is locked for editing by ''. message and the project opens as Read Only. I did some poking around on the web and most of what I found talked about this issue as related to SharePoint. I've attached screenshots of the before screen, and the message itself. If anyone else has encountered this and has a solution, work-around or guidance, that would be appreciated.

- Mark