Intermittent task code

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The Systems Operations manual says this: ""DC/UCF tasks that will be
executed in intermittent mode must be defined to the host TP monitor and
to the DC/UCF system with an intermittent task code. Any number of
intermittent task codes can exist (for example, ADSG, DCMT, IDD, OLM).""

Can anyone explain to me what ""intermittent mode"" and ""intermittent task
code"" mean? They don't seem to mean the same thing as
psuedo-conversational. How do you define a task code as intermittent?
How do you tell if an existing task code is intermittent? Are ADS
applications intermittent? Help!

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Re: Intermittent task code
" I am resending this because I made a slight omission....

An intermittent task code is one which is started directly from the host
TP system, enters the IDMS back-end, executes, and then exits to the host TP
Let's take an example of a CICS front end and IDD. I will not get into
how to create the CICS interface, but let's assume that your dedicated task
code in CICS is DBDC; in other words, you enter DBDC in CICS and you get the

NOTE: The dedicated task code is specified as part of your IDMSINTC
source macro.

In the CICS tables, transaction DBDC is defined to execute UCFCICS. You
could also define transaction IDD to execute UCFCICS. When you enter either
DBDC or IDD in CICS, UCFCICS calls IDMSINTC and you are sent into the IDMS
If the CICS transaction is the dedicated task code (DBDC in my example),
you get the ""ENTER NEXT TASK CODE"" prompt and stay in IDMS until you execute
If it's not the dedicated task code, then IDMS starts a task with the same
name as the CICS transaction - in this case IDD. When used in this way, IDD
becomes an intermittent task code. Once you leave IDD, you are back in
If you enter IDD from the ""ENTER NEXT TASK CODE"" prompt, it is not an
intermittent task code. It can be used both ways in the same system.

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