[IDMS-L] FW: Install/Upgrade Help

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on May 4, 2005
Are there any other errors in the JES2 job log or DCLOG? Has it every been up and running under 15.0 yet? Was the SVC reassembled (have to for 15.0).
Here is 3964 abend:
ABND3964 3964
Reason: RHDCMSTR (TASK 0) or RHDCDBRC (TASK 1) has abended. Check for any other messages that might indicate trouble. RHDCMSTR and RHDCDBRC open files, open and initialize buffers, set up both internal and external run units, and attach line drivers. Any problem (such as JCL errors, SVC errors, or files not initialized properly) will cause a 3964 abend code to be issued. This abend code can occur at any time the DC/UCF system is executing. Program checks in user-written code for certain system-invoked exits such as exit 13 can cause this abend.
Severity: 0
Steve Harmeson