DC205011 No Journals are AVAILABLE

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Has anyone come up with an automated or exit solution for those times in
which a run unit fills up the journals which requires a manual cancel
run unit to resolve?

Limits is active, however they are set high for legitimate run units.

SYSLOG Example.....

+IDMS DC205013 All Disk Journals are UNAVAILABLE; Reasons below.
+IDMS DC205004 Disk Journal is OFFLOADING/CONDENSING. Waiting for J1JRNL

+IDMS DC205014 ARCHIVE JOURNAL NOT yet RUN against full Journal J2JRNL
+IDMS DC205014 ARCHIVE JOURNAL NOT yet RUN against full Journal J3JRNL
+IDMS DC205011 NO Journals are AVAILABLE.   IDMS Waiting

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Re: DC205011 No Journals are AVAILABLE
"The problem we are trying to address, occurs historically once a month in just a couple of CVs. ""Never"" with the same program. This error has a yearly defect occurrence of .0003 when compared to all offloads of the CVs in question.

The infrastructure is properly sized and tuned for peak loads. However it is not sized and tuned for problems, nor should it be.

Developers are very good however they work our over night. 12 hour time zone difference. The problem here is when the rouge application goes boom, we go bang, right into the night stand, while answering the page. If you don't believe me look at Dan Hall's big toe at next IUA meeting.

Thanks every one.....