Re: Java/Websphere/CICS/IDMS transaction

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Jun 16, 2005
We had an occasional problem with screens going to the wrong user which was
related to UCFICS intermittent task codes, ADSO applications, terminal
emulation software, and pools of LUs assigned to emulation servers (e.g.
TN3270 and Microsoft SNA Server).

Occasionally a user would lose a session in the middle of an ADSO
application, his LU would go back into the pool, and IDMS would be unaware
of it. Another user would open a session and get assigned the LU previously
assigned the first user. If the second user then signed on to CICS and
issued an intermittent task code for the same IDMS as the first user, he
would get a screen intended for the first user.

We now code USERCHK=YES on the #UCFCICS macro and TIMEOUT=IMMEDIATE on the
CICSOPT macro, and we haven't had any further complaints.