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Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Sep 12, 2005
You can also run smp/e with

LIST LMOD(your svc) XREF as the syn and that will give you the info
the relink as well.

Or use the umodsvc module which will probably be the easiest solution.


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Our OS service provider was planning on upgrading from OS/390 2/10 to
z/OS the weekend of Labor Day. My primary task the week before was to be
researching the one task I knew (from others in this forum) that I had
to accomplish as part of this upgrade - re-linking the IDMS SVC.

Instead I was driving out of New Orleans, luckily well ahead of
Hurricane Katrina, but have been in Houston for the last two weeks since
my house is still under water and we are only starting to run jobs again
this weekend. The plant survived relatively unscathed, just some minor
wind damage to the roof.

All of my family is OK. Many of us have lost our homes, but we are all
alive, and there's something to be said for that :)

But back to IDMS & zOS . . . we went ahead with the upgrade and my mind
was elsewhere and I dropped the ball on re-linking the SVC. We stopped
batch processing on 8/31 and are just starting back up now. The CVs are
running just fine and CV-mode batch jobs are ok too. MOST local-mode
jobs are ok, but some are having problems, The workaround at this point
it just to run them in CV mode - takes a bit longer but it'll do in a

Unfortunately, I don't have access to all the notes used when R15 was
installed (I didn't do the work and the last IDMS install I did was on
VSE anyway) and am short a lot of my own notes as well.

What job in the installation is generally the one that links the SVC?

Or, in the alternative, can someone send me JCL to link the SVC? We use
#173. I have to confess that, although a VSE SysProg for nearly twenty
years, there's a good bit about the MVS arena that I don't know. I'll
pass on to our SysProg whatever info I receive, and expect that he'll
understand what you tell me.

Thanks as always and I hope anyone else affected by this is OK as well.

There are many others certainly much much worse off than we are, and I
ask for your thoughts and prayers for them



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Re: IDMS R15 OS/390 to zOS
" THANKS to all who have responded regarding the above.

I haven't put anything into practice yet, as I am beginning to think
that this is a bona-fide storage issue and, having a workaround of sorts
at hand, I don't want to try and fix something that isn't broken to
begin with and possibly break something else, also because I am
currently moving from pillar to post and don't have guaranteed
connectivity to my system, so I'd just as soon leave things alone until
I'm back on site.

Thanks to all for their well wishes.


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Re: IDMS-DC calls to IDMS-DC sub programs

I was told many years ago buy Chuck Delouis that dynamic calls where the
best way to call COBOL programs in IDMS DC.

I checked with CA when we switched to LE and that this was still the
case, that is use dynamic calls.

It makes sense as the run time environment is maintained by COBOL. Look
at the work CA have done to preserve the LE enclave for COBOL programs
in the same task thread. This would be 'automatic' if dynamic calls were

You mention SVC screening. Even with DC transfers SVC screening is still
used as it is COBOL still does issues a GETMAIN for working storage that
has to be converted to a #GETSTG. With dynamic calls the only extra
screening, I think, will be for the LOAD of the called program.

Not sure if any one from CA is 'watching' this but if so I wonder if
they care to comment.