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Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Oct 6, 2005
....well, if most companies adopted a WAH policy, then Chris could be
the DBA for all IDMS sites. I'm sure he wouldn't mind the revenue. But
on a serious note, I was a 'remote' DBA at a client site, and it is not
a desirable situation, for the DBA or the people he/she supports. A
considerable part of a dba's job is political in nature, and working
remotely it's impossible to understand who's doing what to whom, and
it's difficult to head things off at the pass. A remote DBA becomes
interrupt driven, the interrupt being a request for service, after
decisions have been made and often at a point where problems are
interfering with deadlines.

Ok, truth be told, I only wrote this message to see if it still contains
garbled characters in the message text.

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"Re: goodby IDMS, working from home..."
"I agree also, to a degree. The human interaction is vital for a team to work successfully, and a lot of time can be wasted with the WAH policy whereby a request could be ambiguous and emails are flying around all over the shop when there are many people involved, but I feel that five days a week is not necessary, and it's not just a saving of fuel, it's less pollution in the atmosphere, and ofcouse more dosh in my pocket!!