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Thanks Don for stating so eloquently the sentiment I struggled to express.
A few thoughts of my own:

as i remember, the current rules that guide idms-l (I may have actually
written a version of them myself) state that complaints about subject
matter of the list should be directed to the list owner/admin, NOT to the
list itself

this is not the list it was 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago - the
industry has changed, we have changed, what mat or may not be appripriate
has (perhaps) changed

<personal rant>
a (what is perceived as) criticism about the list posted by a (from my own
observation) infrequent (or non-) participant on the list does not hold
much credibility to me . I would be much more potentially influenced by a
poster , such as Don, who has actively contributed to this list for most,
if not all, of its 16+ year history ...
</personal rant>

ps - when is release 17 due out? <grin>

Chris Hoelscher
IDMS & DB2 Database Administrator
Humana Inc

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Re: Performance Stats with and without Multitasking
"We used MT in the 12.0 release some time ago (now 15.0 but with 14.0
improvements we turned it off). The thru-put was much faster, sorry no
benchmarks but the users quit complaining of slow response and we had a
6 processor cpu. The only draw back I remember is when we had a 2
processor cpu if 1 of the CV's had a looping dialog/DC-COBOL program it
eat up 1 whole cpu and with 3 LPAR's running you knew about it right

Steve Harmeson