Re: Indexes with Duplicates Problem

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Mar 7, 2006

As I understand it, whenever an intermediate level SR8 is created via either a spawn or split, the new SR8 can only be stored a page containing enough space for a full SR8(2539 bytes). With a page reserve of 2540, the page had to have 2540 (page reserve) + 2539 (full SR8) = 5079 bytes of free space before it could be used. 30% of 13,680 is 4,104 so SMP was not useful and IDMS just read every page in the area every time it needed to do a split or spawn on the second or third level.

As designed, this was going to be a 4 level index (L0-L3). Whenever an L1 or L2 SR8 was created, a complete area sweep was required to search for space. If you would keep the combination of SR8 + page reserve below 30% or 4,104, this problem would be avoided.

John Wheeler