R14.1 vs. R16 CPU

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I got my hands on the test assembler program mentioned and have made a
number of tests. We are on different HW (z890-450), a newer OS (z/OS
1.4), and going from 14.1 not 14.0 as Jon is, and I noted smaller, but
perhaps still significant, increases from the test program.

What I have seen is about a 19.4% increase from 14.1 to the current
level of R16 that we are on. I also have a R15 loadlib available and
saw about a 13% increase from 14.1->15 so it appears most of the
overhead increases this test program sees here came in that period. We
have converted one small production system and have our big production
conversion coming at the end of this month. We are going to z/OS 1.7
later this year and I will retest the program once our tech LPAR is
upgraded. I'll also be testing with the performance APAR once it is
shaken out enough that CA is ready to send it to me.

I've had very repeatable figures come from 14.1, and 15.0 has been
pretty close on my various tests. The CPU in 16.0 has varied a bit
more. My 14.1 is SP7 + all apars and my 15.0 is SP5(6?) + fixes thru
QO68515 when I abandoned it to concentrate on 16. I have actually made
tests with 4 different versions of R16. SP0 and SP2 loadlibs with no
maintenance, SP2 apared up to SP3 with a few additional fixes (current
prod. run-time) and my SMP/E target which has all published maintenance
on my SP0 base/SP2 maint CSI. It seems like the CPU is just a little
lower on SP0 and SP2 with no maintenance than with the later loadlibs,
but I have been having trouble getting consistent figures. I will try
some more tests today with bufferstat removed.

I used the same HLASM R4.0 as Jon and have the database covered with
buffers to remove I/O from the equation. The DMCL and subschema are
from a 15.0 playground CV since that is the only place I had a EMPDEMO
DB defined.

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Re: Starting a CICS transaction from IDMS
"Jim, Not tried in IDMS. In CICS we have done this by creating ""fake"" terminal and supply it a dummy dd in jcl.


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