WTOEXIT Vs. Scheduler

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Mar 13, 2006
Hi Gang,

The system group is wanting to run the journal offloads through a
scheduling package. My inclinations are to not do it. However I
thought I would turn to the vast knowledge of the IDMS group at large..

Has anyone put journal offloads to a scheduler package? Or has everyone
maintained using the WTOEXIT?

Thanks in advance for all you feedback.
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Re: WTOEXIT Vs. Scheduler
"We use the WTO to set a flag in the journal offload message which SA390
looks at and submits the offloads - usually. :-)

Occasionally the automation software gets confused if offload messages
are coming out quickly, like before the previous offload completes. In
this case, we sometimes have to manually submit an offload or two to
get things caught up.