Re: ""Required"" 256-byte Sort Key

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Sep 9, 2006
Hi Dan,
That is exactly it for the few problems I have encountered on this - I
have only seen it a couple of times in about 15 years, always on batch
jobs. It goes 0C4 on a 'MVC' trying to read past the end of a 4K page
into another page not owned by the task. When you look at the dump it
has gone over on an OBTAIN USING SORT KEY and the sort key it is using
is right at the end of the storage owned by the task. Padding the field
resolves the problem.



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As I'm reading this, it isn't an overlay issue, it's a ""fetch
protection"" issue, as Steve says below.

IDMS will move 256 bytes into an internal area large enough to hold 256
bytes (separate from task storage; my guess is somewhere in the VIB or
possibly ERE if this only relates to ERUs calls), but if the SOURCE
field extends into a 4K chunk of storage in a different key, you'll get
a S0C4 for attempting to read out of a block you're not allowed to see.

This is most likely going to happen if you're pointing into a file
buffer, or somewhere towards the end of your working storage (if COBOL).