Re: CA World 2007 and IDMS

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Sep 18, 2006

As an ex-IDMS professional now psychologist, I occasionally try
to draw the professions' attention to the potential importance
IDMS has to the Artificial Intelligence and Mental Philosophy
worlds (my argument being that the secret of both human memory
and machine consciousness is a database schema for a CALC'd and
VIA'd ""semantic network""). It's fascinating stuff, but it's far
from being day-to-day-skills I'm afraid. I'd be happy to offer
you a (very serious) paper on ""The IDMS CONNECT Instruction in
Modern Psychiatry"" if you liked.


Derek J. Smith
Cardiff School of Health Sciences
University of Wales Institute, Cardiff

(IDMS designer, British Telecom, 1982-1989)