CICS to IDMS dead locking issue

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Hello All:

Here is the situation, at the beginning of the Month a large number of
executions of a CICS task and specific program is receiving dead locks
in IDMS due to updating a one of a kind (OOAK) record.

Since this task and program actually do not exist in IDMS is there a way
that I can control this in CICS, such as single threading the task or
program in CICS?

Any suggestions or specific techniques would be greatly appreciated.

Bill Allen
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Re: CICS to IDMS dead locking issue
"Dan is correct.

However, you may have some throughput issues given ""large number of
executions"" intersecting with ""single threading"". Depending on peak
arrival rates vs. execution time you may suffer unacceptable response
time due to queuing on the CICS side. You may want to eyeball the stats
on # of executions per hour (or smaller interval if you have the data)
to see if forcing single threading would be worse than the deadlocks
you're getting.

If each transaction takes 3 seconds, and you are averaging
30/minute; you will fall behind by 10 txns/minute if you single thread
If you happen to get 10 that arrive simultaneously, the last guy
in will take 30 seconds (and any others that arrive after this ""clog""
will be pretty sluggish too).

Also note: TCLASS lets you set the concurrency level at numbers higher
than one, FWIW.

Lastly; somebody may want to look into the program to see if it can be
made more efficient.