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Hi Jim,

Check with Greg Beedy, CA. During his Federal Gov't webcast, today, he
mentioned a conversion from one IDMS CV requiring nearly 100 DB2

He's in the Framingham office.

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Subject: DB2 vs. IDMS

One of our Applications staff is trying to justify converting some
applications from DB2 to IDMS. In the past, conventional wisdom
suggested that the CPU and I/O costs were substantially lower by using
IDMS than by using DB2.

However, management don't want to know about wisdom, they want hard and
fast numbers. Has anybody done any recent benchmarks of the costs of
performing an equal unit of work on IDMS versus DB2? Of course, I know
that our mileage will vary, but any numbers would be greatly

If anybody can reply but wishes to protect their identity, feel free to
reply to me off-list and just say that you prefer confidentiality.


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Re: DB2 vs. IDMS
"I as big an IDMS bigot as there is but I can't think of any technical
reason why you would need 100 DB2 regions to replace one IDMS CV. We
have a customer that has been slowly replacing there IDMS apps with DB2
apps and we are running them in a single DB2 region. Granted it is
eating up the box but that it more related to poor application design
than to the DBMS. From my experience with the later releases of DB2 you
can make a DB2 app perform as well as an IDMS app if you know what you
are doing. The main problem that I see is that nearly all of relational
programmers and DBAs have grown up in the PC world where the answer to
everything is throw more memory and cpu at the application until it
performs decently.....designing for performance is a totally foreign
concept. For better or worse it's the world we live in and I've given
up tilting at windmills. To answer your original question
though......before I went over to the dark side and was still fighting
to keep IDMS, I did some pretty heavy research and I was never able to
come up with any hard numbers.