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Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Mar 29, 2007
What techniques are available for debugging database
procedures? I am talking here about the kind that are tied to
a record via the schema description.

We are getting D003 errors when trying to use DEBUG. Is DEBUG
supposed to work with database procedures?

My personal favorite technique for debugging online programs is
""displaying"" to the log via the WTL command. But you are not
supposed to make DML calls from a database procedure.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

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Re: Debugging database procedures
"The way IDMS knows whether it's system mode or user mode is the way the
routine gets called. System mode, modules are loaded from the vector
table, user mode uses the appropriate dc call. And it's not that IDMS
actually makes a verdict, but it's the way the macro of the call
expands. the tce does have a usermode flag, that gets turned off and on
when crossing the threshholds and that's how idms knows later on down
the line whether it's running stuff in system or user mode and whether
the work to switch thressholds is required. You can however call a
system routine using a sysgenned program. This is the preferrable way to
invoke system exits for example. You can invoke an exit by program name
(a pde cum sysgen is required) or by entry point name.

Lutz Petzold