Re:Pro's & Con's of Multiple Target and DLIB Zones in SMP/E

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Sep 4, 2007
If my memory is correct, when I did this about 10 years ago, I only had
group of SMP/E libraries, that was actually separate from the CV''s
Each CV had it's own group of three concatenated loadlibs that kept the
various releases so that backouts could be done quickly and easily. I
did keep
detailed records of where I was at. I never had any problem with this
The three concatenated loadlibs per CV were left over from the pre SMP/E
when PTFS were applied. I wasn't all that excited about maintaining
sorts of SMP/E libraries, one set was bad enough.

Thomas M. De Neui

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Re: Pro's & Con's of Multiple Target and DLIB Zones in SMP/E
"Hi Bill,

I use the single Global and multiple Target zone approach for what I
think is a very good reason. Each of the tgt zones have different
loadlib dsn names. The separate tgt zones come in very handy as I split
the usermods into two pieces, one for the jcl and one for the actual
usermod. I create a jcl only usermod which picks up the correct dsn
names as I move it though the different environments. I needed to create
an additional library that contains the jcl only source to handle this.

The savings come in because the usermod name stays the same for every
zone. I also never need to back out a jcl only part of the usermod if I
need to redo the actual usermod. I also do not need to pre-define all
the usermods up front for every zone as is shown in the install guide.

Will Hathcock
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