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I am working on resizing a lot of indexes in our environment. The manual
states that you should design for a 3 level index except for ""indexes
with many entries..."". Nowhere in the manuals or on CA's website can I
find a definition of what they consider ""many"" in this circumstance. I
have some ideas on where I would draw the line, but would like to get
some ideas from the list.

So, my question is: At what point do you decide to target an index for 4
levels (or even 5) instead of the recommended 3 level's?

Thanks for any assistance.

Dan Hall
Capital Solutions
Danbury, CT

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Re: Index Levels
"Don't let Tom fool you about his theories and weak memory. By him a
beer sometime and ask him about how indexing came to be in IDMS. You
can ask the guest speaker at the IUA workshop to confirm the story!


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