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I had the same issue.

It didn't recognize me.
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Re: CA User Group Web Site

I submit my profile and receive and error message. Your email is

My email is: and the page did not accepted this

I created my profile with a different logon. but I need
to use mu correct email.


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CA User Group Web Site

In April of 2006 CA restructured their user group program. The new
structure is based on

global Product Line Communities (or PLC's). Existing national and
international groups

such as the IUA (IDMS), CADRE (Datacom), I-NUGE and EDGE were used as

the models for the new PLC construct. PLC's are not meant to replace

user groups but to help coordinate and leverage global efforts for the
users of the

products represented by the PLC.

New PLC's have been formed for CA product areas, such as security, where
only regional groups

existed. The IUA was already considered an existing umbrella group and
became the

PLC for CA IDMS. The PLC's receive support from CA in the form of
supplemental funding,

free accounting services from Smith Bucklin, and use of webcast
facilities for quarterly web

casts with the respective CA development organizations (we are planning
to hold one in the near future).

The PLC's are independent entities that are free to pursue product

education, and supplement CA funding with events such as our workshops.

The IUA has always taken pride in our independence and will

always remain an independent entity.

However, the services the IUA provides such as Workshops, the IDMS-L,
IUA web site,

and Connections newsletter require funding. Since we do not charge dues,

sponsorships and CA funding have become our major sources of revenue. In
order to justify

PLC funding CA uses membership counts from their web
site. We

currently only have 56 people registered on the causergroups site but
there are over 600 of us

on the IDMS-L.

We know your time is valuable but the IUA is asking all of you to
register for the

IDMS PLC on the CA site. Please go to ,register,

and join the the PLC - IDMS (IUA/EIUA)

Your registration will help secure IUA funding and will show that there

many of us heavily involved in CA IDMS and that we are one of the
largest and proudest

CA user communities. In addition to registering as a member of the IDMS

please take a moment register for your local or country IDMS User Group
and gain

even more benefits of a user community in your area. It only requires a
couple of extra clicks .

In the next couple of weeks we are going to use the CA voting tool to
record the balloting for the

outstanding CA IDMS DARS (enhancement requests). CA takes the results of
the DAR

balloting into account when determining which enhancements are
implemented in future

CA IDMS releases or service packs. You will need to be registered on the

site to be eligible to vote for the DARS.

As an added incentive for registering at the CA site, every person who

will receive an email with a link to download a free retrieval only copy
of the new

ObjEx CA IDMS XML Query Tool. This is a new PC based CA IDMS access tool

announced at the Herndon workshop in April. It is a very flexible and
powerful tool for

accessing your mainframe CA IDMS data.

You will receive this email between now and the end of the year.

Our goal is to have everyone registered on the causergroups site by
December 14th.

We thank you for your continued support of the IUA.

Terry Schwartz
IUA Chair

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Re: User storage question
"You are dealing with the same problem that we have - which is getting a
User Id through into Task Stats for billing purposes. I'd like to know
what you are doing differently to us that you get the Signed on user in
BOTH tasks. We just use the one task scenario and don't get the user

According to CA the User Id is picked up at the start of the task - so
in theory a signon after task initiation means no User Id in task stats
- which is exactly what we are seeing (or not in the case of the User
Id). So - I have modified our task termination exit (Exit 5) to pick up
the User Id if one is not present in the Stats control blocks - have not
had time to test properly - but the first test looked like my change has
some opportunity for improvement.

In short - I can't answer your question - in fact I now have one - why
are we seeing two different results. Next week I will have time to do
some more testing - maybe that will provide some answers?

Cheers - Gary