Re: Convert Page

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Jan 4, 2008
Not an answer to the question, but a suggestion on how to possibly avoid
it happening in the first place:

Add to your procedure a ""DUMMY"" run of IDMSBCF UNLOAD for the area(s)
being converted, just long enough to get the ""AREA RECORD DEPENDENCY
TABLE"" report created by IDMSUNL1 (and then you can cancel it, or
perhaps give it a ridiculously small SYS002 file allocation of one track
so it abends on its own). At any rate, if there's a cross-area set or
linked constraint involved, it'll be on that report. Why introduce
possible human error and compile such a list by hand when IDMS will do
it for you? This of course will only identify the AREAs involved - it's
up to you to get the FILEs right if you need to use the FILE syntax . .

Nevertheless, this is one of those times (i.e. discovering the error in
your Test system before committing the same one on Production) that you
just get to stop and be thankful!!! :D