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Description: The DPROG-171 record type is used by the CA-IDMS/DC online
debugger. Each DPROG-171 occurrence represents a program load module
for which a symbol table has been established. Currently, symbol tables
can be established only for CA-ADS dialogs.

Chris Hoelscher
Senior IDMS & DB2 Database Administrator Humana Inc

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Re: Diagnostics and Symbol tables - another question
"Chris, if you hit on exactly what we are trying to discover. The process
we use to move programs/dialogs/etc into production involves copying the
load module into the production load areas. Since the source may or may
not be current, how do I tell if the ""Diagnostics On"" flag is set and
occurring extra overhead?

I have a culprit report (which original came from you Chris) that shows
if the symbol table is part of the load module. I notice the ADS
Reference guide mentions that if a dialog is compiled with ""Diagnostics
On"" the FDB is formatted, but if diagnostics are off the FDB is
unformatted. Never having delved that deep into ADS load modules, I
really don't have a clue what this means in what passes for reality.

Digging thru the ADS reference a little further, I think I can get the
info I need from an ADSORPTS option telling it to SEARCH LOADAREA.

Thanks everyone for your assistance.

Dan Hall
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