Local mode update and fastaccess

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Hi everyone:

We want to address a local mode update batch that runs for 20+ hours.

We have Fastaccess 7.0 with IDMS 15.0 SP5.

We want to implement Fastaccess into this local batch update job to get
it to run faster.

As always, you replies are appreciated in advance.

J. Wayne Doneker

BAE Systems

York Pa.,

717 225 8109

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Re: Writing to a queue from a COBOL subprogram
"Joan --

Gary's suggestion is a good one.
Calling and called program are one task thread and two run-units (actually
three run-units if you count queue activity in the called program)

You mentioned that you don't want to do anything in the subprogram that
COMMITS work in the calling program.
That means you need to move all your COMMIT TASK and / or FINISH TASK work
to the calling program.

If you don't want to do that, then do a COMMIT ALL and then a FINISH in the
subprogram (since you are doing DB work in the called program, too).

I think doing the COMMIT ALL should be sufficient in your subprogram for the
queue work.
Queue work is actually done by a run-unit not even defined by your program
Queue work is done by queue RHDCRUAL pre-allocated run-units which aren't
really going to FINISH anyways.
They are allocated at startup and idle all day long to handle queue work.
If you have heavy queue activity on your system that uses all pre-allocated
run-units, but needs one more for your task, an overflow RHDCRUAL is started
and then finished free of charge.

Jon Gocher

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Thanks to everyone for the many suggestions...I will do some experimenting
based on them and see what works best in this situation.
""Cherlet, Gary (JTS)"" <Cherlet.Gary@SAUGOV.SA.GOV.AU> 2/5/2008 3:51 PM
There have been many suggestions in this thread - one that I have not
seen is the use of COMMIT ALL in the subprogram. COMMIT ALL only affects
the one run unit - the ALL says to COMMIT both DB work AND Queue work.
This command will NOT impact any other run units associated with the
batch task. Note that there is also a COMMIT ALL TASK which would impact
other run units.

HTH - cheers - Gary

Gary Cherlet
Justice Technology Services
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